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What is Wunschkeks

At Wunschkeks, you can have your personal messages baked into traditional Chinese fortune cookies. Whether it's a declaration of love, a marriage proposal, a creative greeting card, a gift for wedding guests or a thoughtful present for employees and clients.


Hand out unique fortune cookies with your own individual texts, and bring the person you love a very personal surprise.


Our delicious quality fortune cookies are individually wrapped in transparent foil and securely packed for shipping. Each fortune cookie can contain a different message. Whether short and sweet or extra loooong: Your creativity knows almost no bounds. Yes, you read correctly: your personal wishes are inside our fortune cookies!


Create customized fortune cookies now!



What is the meaning of the logo?

Many of the customers of Wunschkeks are in love - that's why declarations of love and marriage proposals are in great demand at Wunschkeks. This is why our logo shows two hearts.


Fortune cookie + customized text = Wunschkeks